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Steel casing pipe is also known as encasement pipe as it is most commonly used to enclose or encase underground utility lines. This pipe can be used for horizontal or directional boring under streets, highways, driveways, lakes, rivers, and streams. The most popular use for steel Casing Pipe is to surround and protect smaller carrier pipes for utilities such as water mains, natural gas lines, electrical lines, and communication lines. Steel casing can also be used in a variety of construction projects. At Sloate Oil Country Tubulars Goods, Producing Steel Casing Pipe in a variety of sizes, Threads and diameters, generally starting at 4 1/2’’ up to 30’ diameter and larger special items,can process Max 20 inch sand control pipes,material is J55/K55/N80/L80-1/L80-13Cr/P110/Q125 etc.and the type of threading is BTC/LTC/STC/Premium Threading, and also supply OEM and ODM services.

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